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At Panther Laundromat in Gastonia, we recognize the challenges of handling laundry. We offer a variety of convenient, efficient, and top-quality laundry services in the core of Gastonia. Whether you're a busy professional, a local business, or simply need some assistance with your laundry, we're here to help!

Wash and Fold Laundry Drop-Off Service!

Commercial Laundry Service

At Panther Laundromat, we understand that dealing with laundry can be a hassle. That’s why we’re here to provide a range of convenient, efficient, and high-quality laundry services right in the heart of Lowell. Whether you’re a busy professional, a local business, or someone who just needs a helping hand with their laundry, we’ve got you covered!

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Panther Laundromat   Located AT:
108 North Church Street
Lowell, NC 28098 OPEN EVERYDAY: 7AM – 9PM   LAST WASH: 7:30 PM


Wash & Dry in 50 minutes or less. From 20 to 100lbs machines. $3-11

Wash and Fold Laundry Drop-Off Service

Wash, Dry, and Fold


Commercial Laundry Service

Best rates for repeat business with business owners.

Why Choose Panther Laundromat?
    • Advanced Laundry Equipment: Our laundromat is equipped with the latest in laundry technology, ensuring efficient and thorough cleaning.
    • Friendly and Supportive Staff: Our team is always on hand to assist you, whether you’re using our self-service facilities or opting for our Wash and Fold service.
    • Flexible Hours: We’re open seven days a week, with extended hours to accommodate your busy schedule.

Competitive Pricing: We believe in providing top-notch services at affordable prices, making us the best value laundromat in Lowell. Join us at Panther Laundromat for a hassle-free laundry experience that meets all your needs. We’re here to make your laundry day as effortless and efficient as possible. Visit us today and see the difference for yourself!

Why Choose US
All New Working Machines

Brand New Machines with 100% uptime.

Free Wifi

Access speeds up to 1GB while waiting for your laundry.

Affordable Prices

Prices set to help working families, stretched budgets, and business owners.


Our location is kept clean in real time by the attendant to provide a quality experience.

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Tiqua Brown
Tiqua Brown
Very Clean,Always Polite,Nice Atmosphere
Tania Soto
Tania Soto
Ryan T
Ryan T
Great laundromat, clean and new, couldn't ask for better service!